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Episode 35

Twin Peaks: The Revenge Breastaurant feat. Emma Danger

In this episode of Fine Dining: The Search for the Most Mediocre Restaurant in America:

Michael & Garrett get back at Michael's niece-aged cousin Emma Danger for sending them to Hooters last time she was on the podcast! | Twin Peaks is a breastaurant founded on the premise that Hooters is "too tame," and lived up to that idea in its early years amidst scandals and indecent exposure charges | Garrett fulfills his You-Must Bowl duties by donning Insane Clown Posse facepaint and consuming this meal while embodying the Juggalo lifestyle | Even a little Judge Judy is more Judge Judy than expected | Is there an underground fighting ring in this Twin Peaks? Find out in What's Going On Over There! | JUB will help you gauge when a conversation has ended | Emma's celery addiction has her spiraling out of control | Some pretty wild takes about this restaurant in this week's Yelp from Strangers | Totally not-at-all-biased scientific evidence "proves" that ogling women's bodies is good for your health

Picked by: Garrett

Location: Sacramento, CA

You-Must Bowl: Garrett must embody the Juggalo lifestyle

Hosts: Michael Ornelas and Garrett Zwerk

Cheese Correspondent: Steven Zurita

Music by: James McEnelly

Theme Song by: Kyle Schieffer


VERDICT: clowned around and found out this was NOT MEDIOCRE ENOUGH!

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