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Outback Steakhouse, Ribeye, Fine Dining Podcast
Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks, China Coast, Fine Dining Podcast
Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks, Mavericks, Fine Dining Podcast
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The Old Spaghetti Factory, Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Fine Dining Podcast
Michael Ornelas, Fine Dining Podcast

The year was 2016. Michael was sitting in an Outback Steakhouse, having just purchased a GoPro camera, and thought it might be silly fun to wear it on his head and document the chain restaurant experience from that perspective. He'd then rate it on a scale of 4 to 6, because "that's what chains deserve, and they know it." It was a dumb idea that he didn't actually do, but the idea remained.


In 2019, Michael met season 1 cohost Garrett Zwerk at a Pokémon Go PvP tournament held in a Burbank food court, and the two immediately hit it off. Three years later, that silly idea to review chain restaurants on a scale of mediocrity popped back into Michael's head, and he pitched it to now-close friend Garrett as a podcast premise. "Fine" Dining was born.

One year, and 40 episodes later, the first season concluded. A musical about Olive Garden? Check. A Hooters-themed Super Bowl video episode? You betcha. Audio dramas, character work, and skits out the wazoo? They've become a staple of the voice of the show.

As he heads into season 2, Michael promises he's only getting started.


Garrett Zwerk, Fine Dining Podcast

Garrett was born in Busan and miraculously swam across the Pacific Ocean at only six months old. Baby G then Gump’d it across the country until finally settling in the great state of Michigan. Unfortunately swimming and running for over 9000 kilometers typically isn’t advised behavior for a six month infant. So he fell into a deep sleep, only waking for a few days during childhood to feature in a commercial and ad campaign. 

A few years later, the desire to perform once again roused Garrett from his slumber as he joined various choirs and theatre companies traveling around Michigan with a quick stop over in Germany and Austria. He continued creating live theatre until he moved to Los Angeles and eventually took his longest nap of all: a career in corporate HR. *Thunder and lightning sound*


He woke up to join Michael on a year's worth of calorically dangerous binge eating before departing in August 2023 to pursue other endeavors. He was killed off not once but twice in the finale episode of season 1, but the only thing certain about his fate is that he will be missed.

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