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Episode 17

Cheddar's Scratch Kitchen: Greasy & Fussy feat. Tommy Chong

In this episode of Fine Dining: The Search for the Most Mediocre Restaurant in America:

The boys feel sluggish and greasy as their Cheddar's meal obliterated their bodies | Tommy Chong from "Cheech & Chong" reviews Cheddar's cheese fries on behalf of Cheese Correspondent Steven Zurita | Garrett's You-Must Bowl punishment - where he can only speak to the wait staff in rhyme - tanks our service | Michael's dad also tanks our service experience | Bathe yourself in the new perfume scent Mediocrité | JUB has a ploy to get all the free wood you could ever want from a Home Depot

Picked by: Michael

Location: Austin, TX

You-Must Bowl: Garrett must speak to the server only in rhyme

Hosts: Michael Ornelas and Garrett Zwerk

Substitute Cheese Correspondent: Tommy Chong

Additional Voices: Jessa Day


VERDICT: Middling and greasy, mediocre!

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