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Episode 5

Denny's at 2AM is Pure Chaos

In this episode of Fine Dining: The Search for the Most Mediocre Restaurant in America:

Michael & Garrett review Denny’s (at 2 in the morning on a Saturday night) | The Wild West of late night dining: college students and homeless people galore | “What’s Going on over There?” is the theme of the night as there are so many unanswerable mysteries from this wild night, but the boys do their best to solve them | The restaurant erupts with applause for a blindfolded Garrett after he finally gets his dessert to his mouth due to the You Must Bowl | JUB hocks Peace & Quiet™ | 4 year-old Preston from Texas reviews the Denny’s Kids Menu | Super-Server Keith from Outback Steakhouse gets a run for his money from 85 year-old Shohreh, a battle-hardened veteran of the graveyard shift

Picked by: Michael

Location: Westwood, CA

You-Must Bowl: Garrett must eat his dessert blindfolded

Hosts: Michael Ornelas and Garrett Zwerk

Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at 2.18.05 PM.png

VERDICT: absolute chaos mediocre!

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