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Episode 37

Umami Burger's Rise & Fall & Slight Re-Rerise (Septemburger #1 Seed)

In this episode of Fine Dining: The Search for the Most Mediocre Restaurant in America:

Michael has an axe to grind after the best burger in Los Angeles changed up their recipe a few years back | Garrett outlines the rise and fall of Umami Burger in Resty Fact Round-Up, and why they have a shot at regaining respect once again | Septemburger will pit Umami against Johnny Rockets next week | What's Going On with Umami feeling like it's still going through the pandemic? | The service staff definitely noticed they were being reviewed and changed their effort level drastically | JUB's opening a day care! | A bunch of people share Michael's disappointment in the recipe change in this week's Yelp from Strangers | Michael opts to join Garrett for next week's You-Must Bowl punishment in solidarity

Picked by: Garrett

Location: Irvine, CA

You-Must Bowl: None

Hosts: Michael Ornelas and Garrett Zwerk

Music by: James McEnelly

Theme Song by: Kyle Schieffer

Umami Newsletter 1.jpg
Umami IG 3.jpg
Umami IG 2.jpg
Umami IG 6.jpg

VERDICT: definitively better than mediocre, which is literally the least they could do for michael

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